New Collection on line

The new Zenux concept reveals the whole philosophy of the brand as a kind of coded message that contains the main strategic question: who is the customer of the brand? These are not only nice visuals, but entire stories about life of these people, their work, trips, memoirs, dialogues between woman and man. However, their shared interests do not exclude different approach to these topics resulting in this way in absolutely new and unique stories.
Such stories reflect today’s epoch of hyper-communication when visual perception of reality plays an extremely important role and social nets and internet have become our key aids in experiencing the world. Thus, Zenux uncovers its concept of fall-winter collection through “mood boards”similar to Facebook posts. If footwear had its pages in the net, they would share such images that allow defining the style of each model and reflect its correspondence to today’s trends in cultural environment including advertisement, photography, literature and, of course, fashion.
The women collection is based on stylish models of suede high boots and high heel shoes inspired by graphic sketches to fashion collections of garment. Special attention should be paid to suede wedge-heeled high boots of noble beige color decorated with a special pattern built around the brand’s logo and impressed on leather.
Developing the idea of “Stylish footwear for active life,” Zenux creates a variety of models in casual style. Boots and high trainers with laces, flat sole high boots of soft leather, blue and grey suede high boots with a logo texture are the must-have that fit to any look for the new season.
The new collection reflects the rock style that is in fashion in the new season. Models are decorated with metallic rivets and studs, though they do not make them look aggressive, but daintily distinguish those who wear them stressing his or her musical preference and belonging to the rock culture.
In the man’s collection Zenux focuses on three principals: comfort, original style and exclusive Italian quality. A Adepts of the classical style will be glad to find leather and suede shoes created in the best traditions of dandy George Brummell lawmaker style. Fanatics of comfort will appreciate suede moccasins and trainers unexpectedly proposed with natural fur. And active travelers will enjoy leather and suede mid and high boots with fur on a small wedge sole decorated with a bright orange strip that perfectly fit the brand claim: “Stand out or stand down!”

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